We have many activities that promote the physical, mental, and creative growth of your child. We run different classes that help children interact and learn. Our Gymnastics class teaches children balance and flexibility. Our Rhythm and Movement class helps develop confidence, strength, and stamina. Sports Classes help encourage a positive outlook towards exercise and helps children to build and maintain strong minds and bodies.

IT classes introduce children to technology and computers through games which will undoubtedly help them in their future. Cooking classes help them explore their creativity through food and also helps them to learn hygiene. Arts and Crafts is another class which allows them to explore, draw, paint, and truly express themselves in new ways.

We offer learning’s through telling stories using visual props and reading materials, we also use “story sacks” which is a method that enhances children’s learning by showing them visual aids to tell the story.

We use puzzles of different sorts to enable children to learn and grasp the story through the development of their cognitive ability. We also use building with blocks, dressing up and using role-play, playing with sand and water, arts and crafts, drawing and painting, listening and dancing with music and playing outdoors games.

All of these activities help the children to be independent and develop and explore their sense of curiosity and interest in the world around them.

We interact with the children by asking and answering questions to help them learn new words, listening to them, talking to them at their level of understanding, which allows them express their ideas, and questioning their feelings towards themselves and towards others.

We also offer the children the following activities that are included in the routine of the week: YOGA CLASSES, ACTIVE SPORTS, TRIPS, SPECIAL EVENTS.