Our Nursery offers Arabic language studies, the curriculum is prepared and overlooked by our Arabic Teacher.


We provide a suitable environment and atmosphere to learn the Arabic Language. Our qualified and highly skilled teacher uses modern and well-developed aids to clearly convey information to each child. This enables the teacher to provide the learner with the psychological and linguistic framework that paves the way to learn the Arabic language with love and enthusiasm as well as enhances the learner’s imagination, creativity, prediction, recognition, derivation, comparison, linking and discovery through teaching aids and stories.

We focus on Islamic values and principles such as honesty, love of God and obedience to parents, kindness to the poor and tolerance by memorizing some of the Holy Quran verses, i.e Al-Fatiha, Mu’awithat, and other short verses. We will motivate the children to memorize some simple religious songs, manifested through reading stories about how to perform ablutions, prayer, to know some of the pillars of Islam, to read the story of the childhood of the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, his obedience to God and love of poor children.