Kiddy Planet follows the British Curriculum (Early Year Foundation Stages). The core of the curriculum promotes learning of education at an early age. The learning is structured on play-based activities, the best way of children to learn. They are taught to solve problems, increase their knowledge and skills and express their feelings and ideas.

The curriculum has two goals:

  • To promote and inspire children to learn, discover and explore their academic and creative potential through understanding their capabilities and strengths.

  • To motivate and encourage children to be capable learners through feeling good, gaining self-esteem and confidence.

At Kiddy Planet, all the learning and activities are structured around the curriculum to provide a stable foundation and a positive approach to learning, which is a great start to a child’s education.

An Arabic Curriculum has been prepared to support the needs of Arab speaking children and to offer an additional language for non-Arabic speakers.

The Curriculum we follow in the Centre is the British EYFS. The curriculum is monitored and regularly undergoes reviews taking into account the needs of the children in the centre. The curriculum is based on topics that change regularly and the teachers use these topics to plan opportunities that will help children develop by meeting each individual’s unique learning needs.
We recognize that early learning builds the foundations for all future learning and so our curriculum’s core aim is to prepare each child for the next step in their educational journey. Our competent qualified teachers and staff aim to serve as a guide in helping the child discover and develop in the seven areas of learning through enjoyable play based activities.

We monitor and evaluate each child’s progress in all aspects through observation, writing progress reports and preparing for each child a progress portfolio throughout their time at Kiddy Planet. The parents will be given the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress report at the end of each term together with the teacher at the Parent-Teacher Conference.

In line with the recent revision of the EYFS we also carry out the ‘Progress Check at Age 2′, and this is reported to the parents.