At Kiddy Planet Early Learning Centre, children experience a whole new approach to learning! We combine fun and with education in an innovative and exciting way. Children at our nursery learn new things through fun-filled activities as we encourage them to explore and discover their learning and creative potential.
From toddlers to children up to the age of 5 years, Kiddy Planet has designed unique programs that suit the special needs of children at specific periods in their early life. Highly skilled staff members and teachers look after your children, ensuring their early development through dynamic teaching methods and extra-curricular activities. Children socialize with other children and learn in a healthy playing environment. We teach children using the British Curriculum and also giving Arabic Language Classes.

Our Centre is one of the best in the UAE. We adhere to strict standards of safety and hygiene to ensure that your children are comfortable in their surroundings. We have a separate dining room for children where we teach them eating etiquette.

We have a large outdoor play area with a sand play area, bike riding track, water play area, gardening studio, climbing hill and painted wall murals that children love to play in and explore! Our large indoor Gym and role-play area is more than sufficient for days when the sun is hot and everyone prefers to stay indoors. Our indoor play area encourages children to be creative and to develop their artistic senses.

The role-play area has a puppet theatre corner, music corner, dressing up area for drama and play, home corner and more. The indoor gym is equipped with age appropriate sport resources to help in developing the children’s’ gross motor skills and provides children with enough space to run and move freely.

We also have a library corner and a smart room! This is where your children are taught by our teachers to read – taking away the hassle of teaching that often falls on the parents. Children learn through the Interactive board that is connected to a computer and can read many interesting and educational books in the library.
We also have story time when teachers help the children to read and appreciate books by telling and narrating stories. Our quiet sleeping room is ideal for children once they tire of playing. It has a separate toilet and cleaning facility and is CCTV controlled.