The curriculum for Kiddy Planet FS2 classes encourages children to being involved by choosing their preferred way of doing things and finding new ways to enjoy achieving what they set out to do.
Children practice and build upon the variety of pre-reading and pre-writing skills they have built up – with a focus being placed on phonic awareness. We are using the Jolly phonics program. We will continue to foster the children’s love of books by introducing them to a variety of books – including stories, rhymes and poems. We will also be teaching them how to look after books, talk about characters, plot, etc.
Play is an excellent opportunity to promote children’s choices – by offering real choices this gives them control over their lives. For example during free flow play a variety of activities will be offered – small world (farms, garages, airports, etc.), art activity, messy play, a pre-writing activity and play-dough activities. Our children are able to select what they wish to do and move at will between the activities.

Children might, for example, be given a basket containing ‘Fairy-tale Stones’ (stones with a variety of pictures drawn on to them – may be characters, places, methods of transport, etc. Children will be encouraged to tell a story using the stones that they pick up – the story may take us anywhere!
Our practitioners encourage children to learn phonic sounds and blends through Phonics Hoopla – bottles will be filled with coloured water and have the phonic letters written on them or blends (ability level dependent) children will then be encouraged to throw hoops and when they get them over the bottle they must make the sound/blend written on the bottle. Eventually activities such as these can be used to introduce and encourage children to read simple C-V-C words.

Children are encourage to give thought to activities such as painting – by perhaps painting with ice cubes, or adding bells and rattles to paintbrushes to see what types of music we can make whilst painting. We may even challenge the children’s view of painting on a table or easel by ‘bridging’ chairs with paper and asking children to lie on their backs to paint – mimicking how the Sistine Chapel was painted!

These activities provide an excellent opportunity for our teachers to observe the children, and monitor each individual’s progress. The observation and assessment cycle is an on-going process and will be done during all activities, but free play really lends itself to this.

Children in this class will all be leaving to go to Big School and as a result of their experience at Kiddy Planet will be prepared for this transition. We will ask parents to notify us which school they will be going to as this will help us talk about the school with the children and discuss all aspects of this BIG move. We will read stories in class of the move to school and we will talk about siblings who have moved and their experiences.

Kiddy Planet prides itself on being an inclusive setting, meaning we aim to meet the needs of all children. We ensure that the teachers are always implementing our “Observation and Assessment” cycle, which ensures that in co-ordination with the Doctor’s visits, we are able to swiftly pick up any possible developmental delays. This allows us, as a setting, to provide families with information regarding local specialists who may be able to provide support and guidance.

Teachers, the Nursery Doctor, the child’s parents and any specialists are then able to work together to find specific methods for providing individual consistent support for the child.