At this stage children awareness of their bodies and senses rises and they begin to explore and discover their capacity and potential through varieties of activities. At Kiddy Planet nursery classroom focuses on the development of the children ability for counting, colors, shapes, cutting, and painting to name a few. This stage is the start of their foundation to share and care, be nice and be comfortable with friends and socialize with them. They will be able to nourish their verbal communication skills and their sense of independence.
This also marks the beginning of the learning for ABC’s and 123’s.

At this age, routine is highly important to the children and our practitioners ensure that the day is well planned and Kiddy Planet children feel safe and secure. We have found that at this age ‘toilet training’ dominates the day for many children with lots of positive encouragement being given, and successes celebrated!

Children will be introduced to role-play areas – such as a shop, a doctors or perhaps a veterinary practice. Children will have a variety of basic concepts can be introduced through the role-play – for example a shoe shop – children may be introduced to forming patterns with the shoes. We will also encourage children to introduce more of their own ideas and imagination. Role Play areas will be left in classrooms for as long as the teacher feels the children are still enjoying and getting learning from it. They will then be changed to reflect the children’s evolving interests.
Our practitioners will offer a variety of beading and threading. This will be encouraged through the activities such as transferring pasta and rice between vessels to increase pincer grip, and a variety of scissor activities with differentiation to ensure that the children’s differing abilities are supported or extended.

At Kiddy Planet, children will also be introduced to a variety of mark making activities, including sand trays, shaving foam, whiteboards and markers.