At Kiddy Planet we have implemented the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS 2012). We embrace the EYFS recognition that every child has his/her own unique potential and every child has unique needs. The teachers at Kiddy Planet welcome, identify and meet the wide range of the children’s needs through planned and unplanned learning opportunities. We recognize that some of the best learning opportunities can be spontaneous! Our teachers are able to recognize each child’s unique learning style, current knowledge and individual potential.
Our program is holistic in the ways it develops the child. We believe that learning and development starts at birth. We understand that children learn best through hands on play based experiences and our teachers, by having a good understanding of child development, can support the interconnected areas of learning by the observation, assessment, planning cycle we utilize.

We place children at the centre of the planning that we do – and focus on the things that interest them, their current knowledge level, and what the unique next step is for them. We support this with a range of age and stage appropriate resources and toys that promote learning.

Kiddy Planet is under ever-increasing pressure for school readiness at a young age and we ensure our practitioners and parents are reminded that children MUST play in order to develop. It is the very nature of play that is building and shaping their brains throughout the early years.
Early years theorists have always told us – and neuroscience now confirms – that sensory stimulation builds the nerve networks that create the architecture of the brain. With the help of attuned adults, children playing are instinctively responding to the sensory stimulation of everything around them. We support the learning through play method, which is promoted within the EYFS at Kiddy Planet.

Through play and spontaneous activities, children express themselves, experiment with ideas, construct their language, structure their thoughts, use their imaginations and develop their knowledge and understanding of how the world we live in works.

Play allows their personalities to develop, improves social skills through interaction with peers and encourages problem solving. Play also helps children develop their imagination and creativity.

Spontaneous activity and play are their way of mastering reality; this justifies giving play a central place in preschool education and organizing the space and time accordingly. By allowing children to experiment with the ideas and role play experiences they have day to day their understanding and desire to learn increases.
This is why at Kiddy Planet we recognize the importance of the ’Enabling Environment’ in ensuring that children are able to ’wallow’ (Tina Bruce).

A high quality care setting, such as Kiddy Planet, will offer children opportunities to develop in all seven areas of development as outlined in the EYFS (2012).

Our programs nurture and support the development of children throughout the day by providing:

  • Developmentally appropriate activities

  • Respect for each child’s culture and background

  • A program that addresses each child’s unique need for creative learning, active play, communication skills, problem-solving and decision-making skills, cognitive growth, social interaction, and rest.

  • An opportunity for family and community members to be actively involved in the nursery.

  • A focus on equality for all.

We guarantee that our children will benefit from our program and they will be ready to discover the world that surrounds them and develop the capacity to connect with others.