Teacher Parent Relationships

Kiddy Planet’s program is flexible and meets the needs of both the children and their families. A variety of scheduling options are available each semester. Families choose the schedule that best meets their needs during any given semester.

Kiddy Planet’s program values teachers and parents as partners in the child’s education. We recognize parents are a child’s enduring educators. Teachers and parents communicate regularly to create for the child a climate of respect, success and continuity.

We recognize that parents should be involved in the operation and implementation of the learning curriculum, for them to be informed of the progress and provided with daily updates of their child’s education and learning experience. The program maintains and supports positive and harmonious relationships among the students, families, the management and staff. Children and their family deserve high standards of education with a strong focus on the implementation of best practise.
We actively encourage the involvement of parents in the care and education of their children by being aware of their wishes, beliefs and ideas and encouraging their participation in the life of the nursery. It helps us to keep parents informed about what is happening with their children on day to day basis.