Kiddy Planet toddlers are taught to be independent depending on their level of growth and development.

We believe the toddlers stage is one of the most critical stages because the child is beginning to wonder what’s happening around them and their curiosity of their environment rises. The child begins to learn and understand their environment at his/her own level of capacity.
In our toddler room, the materials and toys are selective to encourage interactive and effective learning. Certain areas are designated for play, art work, painting, coloring and soft play.
Being independent is one of the most important skills a toddler should learn in this stage. Children at this age enjoy multi-sensory creative activities. We involve our toddlers in a variety of medium – including paint, salt dough, clay, playdough, etc. and children will be encouraged to try a variety of age appropriate tools including paintbrushes, stamps, vegetables, toys cars, large marbles, etc.

Play at this age includes large lego, balls, large cars, building blocks, activity blocks. We will also continue heuristic play – through treasure baskets. Our practitioners encourage role-play by introducing dolls, pushchairs, dolls clothes, etc. allowing them to play out situations that are familiar to them. Messy play at this age will include water and sand play, pasta play, cooked spaghetti, etc. Children will be encouraged to find items ‘lost’ in the different mediums, for example.

We may introduce a ‘Dressing Up’ box to the classroom with a variety of clothes, materials, hats, handbags and shoes for the children to try out and use their imagination with. The teachers will support this by asking questions about who they are today and what type of activities they may do in the course of their day. This can be themed according to the topic being learnt by adding ‘Community Helpers’ resources – such as a Doctors kit or a Fireman’s helmet or if we are looking at a topic on food we may add a picnic hamper and see where the children’s imagination takes us.tod2

At this age we may also add items such as cardboard boxes and allow the children to play with them and see what the children’s imagination turns them into – will they be a car? a house? Or perhaps a submarine?

Lesson planning will ensure that all areas are given focus throughout the course of the week, and that children are observed and assessed holistically.